Red Rose
(S. Cvetkovic/R. Svedic/
 S. Stojkovic '99)

They are the children 
of famous fathers,
heroes of second world war.
The worst partisan's sons,
members of domestic scum klan.

Death and misery over
Serbia they seed,
every victim makes them laught.
Ten years of supreme hell,
in a land of sorrow and
total darkness.

Sick minds, sick minds,
all of them scum all of them jerks.
Under the veil of red rose,
with pride they serve to devil.

Indians from tribes of all the kind,
narrow minded, brainwashed.
Nothing to say but bullshit,
never washing their mouth.

Since 1990,
you knew only for wars.
And how to screw up hole country,
for the survival of the red rose.

Red painted masters,
are burning mine & your's dreams.
They wish to fuck us nicely,
we woun't give up easily.

When the call from the street arrive,
and all scum decide to rise.
New dawn will come,
'cause this dictator must die.

(S. Cvetkovic/ R. Svedic '99)

His hair is full of gel,
parfum on his balls.
Over his neck golden chain,
on his back leather jacket.
On his face little mole,
under belt a gun.
Looking for a de luxe hotel,
with a handy in his hands.


Body guards near him,
all came from jungle.
They are stronger than
a ten ton hammer,
have a 5 pounds
golden chains.
He powder his nose,
and want whole city to own.
Need fame wants money,
fuckin' bitches all night long.

Driving fancy cars,
with protected licence.
Sleeping over daytime,
and making shit in the night.
He drops by clubs offently,
finds his bross there.
Drinks only coca cola,
beating people over bitches eyes.

Belgrade is full of pikeys,
also a Budva, Danilovgrad and Niksic.
They think they are famous faces,
actually they are pussies.
Fools are proud of them,
and smart are sick of them.
The one stupid one with them,
have only straw instead of brain.


While I'm standing in hallway,
and she walks beside me.
A stupid idea comes on my mind,
to make a fool out of myself.

I love her long hair,
and her black eyes.
But how could I say,
that I am crazy in love with her.

Yup yup yup yup I want you.
Yup yup yup yup I love you.
I think of you all the time.

Her body is divine,
and I think that I can't have her.
To enjoy it every day,
to make love with her.

But she thinks that she is gorgeous,
and her head is always up.
I'll better tell her the thruth,
to get her down to the ground.

Girl I gave you everything,
and that meant nothing to you.
So only thing that matters now is,
that you are dumm, laying bitch.

So... Fuck you...
So... Go to hell...
Shut your fuckin face...
Dawn of a new hope
(S. Cvetkovic/ R. Svedic '96)

You want to run far away
from here, never to return,
until you see morning,
when you'll feel
the taste of victory.
To defeat the past
that brought to,
you to be poor and
doomed, to defeat all cads.

Still feeling old wounds,
your eyes are full of misery,
filled  with revenge and anger.
Thoughts floating in deep past,
in those days when
you were somebody,
in that time you wish
to go again.

You are praying,
for the dawn of new hope,
for the dawn of your victory,
in new hope sunrise.

Punk, Sex & Alkohol
(S. Cvetkovic/ D. Jeftovic/
 R. Svedic '98)

I can hear them complaining,
how I am getting' worse and worse.
They complain how I live,
how I don't want to settle down.

They mind when I drink beer,
then I feel fine.
They mind if I shave my head,
when I 'borrow' money
from my neighbours.

But I won't be like them,
mama's and papa's sons.
And my life will always be,
punk, sex & alcohol.

They can hate me 'cause
I don't have education,
and because I'm rather poor.
Hate me when I talk dirty,
and when I spit on the system.

I don't mind their complains,
they can eat my shit.
They can suck my dick,
to hate me from bottom
of their stinkin' souls.
Swine family
(S. Cvetkovic '96)

Bunch of sick in my town,
who worship that fat pig,
and it's ugly fuckin face,
and his fat bitch named 'Mira'.

Bitches love their's sonny fucker,
who is famous star of the rally,
they like his fary tail cars,
manners that his fuckin
mother teached him.

Swine familly lives here,
on 'Dedinje' where their lair is.
All of them reeking so proud,
together with the swine family.

Dosens of whisky they drink,
drunken they screams and,
make shit they drink for Dayton,
and they listen only TV Palma music.

They dance the Kozara round,
and party with Dayton's whiskey,
you can hear the song:
'we sold the Krajina for gold'.
This ain't Belgrade
(S. Cvetkovic/ D. Bajic
 - Guberevac '95)

All the cattle came from mountains,
down to the Belgrade.
Here they make their business,
here they build their castles.

This ain't Belgrade,
city where I live in.
This ain't Belgrade,
city where I was born.

Montenegrians and Bosnians,
all of them criminals.
Putting their asses everywhere,
just to be someones.

We all know that,
we can't breathe of them.
So let's beat those bastards,
'till it's too late.
(S. Cvetkovic/ R. Svedic '97)

From disco shit factory,
new forces are arriving,
cool name for a band,
4 super-models chicks.

We are favourite No. 1,
we are famous all over the town.
Our music is a new turbo punk,
all the scum needs is us.

Models and chicks,
all of them together idiots,
there are a lot of them,
all the scum needs is newly.

Pink discoteque,
is our main target,
there woun't be any peace,
when turbo punk is around.
Toma's Anthem
(S. Cvetkovic/D. Jeftovic/
 Nesha Profa '97)

On the Lion there
are a lot of Pubs,
Toma's mother is looking
for our hero Toma.
When she found him she
started to beg him to stop drinking:
Oh my dear Toma, don't
spair here your payment
don't leave your youth here.

Toma (sonny boy) is answering: 
Go home you old mother.
Go tell my uncle that I
Chetnik drink for three men.
Go tell my brother to bring
his payment too.
Go home tell father that he
has to bring some money too.

Translated from serbian to english by Maxa

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