B.O.L., initial letters for Belgrade Orchestra of Lunatics, formed in October 1995. on Lion (the part of Belgrade) with the folowing members: Senfa - vocals, Rasha - L. Guitar, Guberevac - R. Guitar, Chixy - Bass & Kefa - Drums. Band started to originate for it's own style 'n' sound and that took several months of work. Some serious work began when Mihailo jumped into band as a new bass player & Boki as new rhytm guitar player.

Band has left nothing behind itparererewrewr until spring 1997. when band plays it's first gig in well known Belgrade's club SKC with some other local punk 'n' rock bands. Band played two more gigs in the same club in April 1997. (just one month after the first one) and left very bad impression for the club holders' opinion. The reason for that was the fact that the major men from the club were members of Slobodan Milosevic's Socialist's Party of Serbia (or otherwise they couldn't be on that position) and our songs were dedicated to their party's dictatorship in Serbia, then. On a contrary, we believe that that was the main reason for a lot of band supporters then, more Skinheads then Punx. The epilogue was big conflict between club's security on one and band members & supporters on another side, which happened in May 1997. during our gig, inspired by political differences. Several men were arrested that night and it was clear that it won't be possible for B.O.L. to play there 'till Serbia pass through some important but inevitable political changes.

Several days after that band recorded live demo (5 songs) in Srecko's Amadeus studio. Recorded songs left very good impression on band fans, although it was shit (bad quality). Straight after that recording, band leaves it's drummer Kefa with an explanation that he goes to monastery to become a monk (today he's fother Benedict). He was substituted by Maxa, already experienced in several hard core, metal, rock... bands.

On the begining of September of the same year band traveled (supported by some local lads) to Kragujevac to take some recordings in Vuja's (well known guy to all punx with his band KBO) studio. That was the first serious B.O.L.'s project. Instead of previously planned 7, band recorded only 5 songs for several reasons, including very drunk band crew & often mistreating the owner of the studio by drunken band members. However, with a threat that he'll bring us police and some local gangsters he succeed to ban us from his studio with our new material. After that "incident" band got worse reputation at many important man (gig organisers, recording & rehearsal studio owners...) but as expected all that was accepted very well by band fans, skins & punx. Some time after, Vuja (as mentioned above, the owner of studio in Kragujevac) spoke some bad words 'bout us for a popular (then) magazine N. Telegraf (Weekly Telegraph) and compared us to a cattle, he said that we're worse then a fascists. It was some article 'bout fascist skins and he just mentioned us in one sentence... However, that was another plus for B.O.L.!

One month after that, Mihailo the bass player left for UK (London) for his studies, after him band left Boki and Maxa... It looked like (as many times after) band totally blew up and that it'll stop working for a loss of motivation. However, in 1998. band is reinforced with a little Dacha on a lead guitar, Vaske on a bass and Toma the chetnik as a drummer (Senfa's old mate from an young punk & street days) which brought B.O.L. back to life! In January 1998. with new crew B.O.L. organises gig in club Boomerang together with band Falsh. After few drunken months on rehearsals in a local studio Sing Sing, bend records new demo with 5 songs. Maxa appeared on a drums again 'cause Toma was incredible, always drunken and stuned without any will for work.

Band switched many it's members since then, we believe that at least 20 men were in B.O.L.'s crew in different time. At the end of the same year band plays two more gigs with bands Falsh & Poslednja Shansa (Last Chance) in a former St. James club. In January 1999. band plays again in the same club with another band Strajkachki Odbor (Strike's Board) which included B.O.L.'s former members Vaske and Toma (yes, he really stuck on us, but we love him:)). That was the most visited gig for us at those times and without any commercial bands for support, and we should freely say one of the best punk & oi gig in those years. Band plays it's last gig for that year already in 22th the February. After that gig little Dacha has left the band & in March started NATO intervention in former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Several months followed by conflict on Balkans peninsula band has not arranged any rehearsal, although Senfa & Rasha seeked for a new man for a lead guitar. Band was also very busy in making new songs. That was the time when B.O.L. made a somewhat turnover in a music style and we believe that we found our style then and we're performing it now. We just found a way to put all our adventures on one side and rage & fear on another (in one word all our thoughts and feelings) into a songs.

After that, band was reinforced with Sale on a lead guitar. At the end of that pathetic (for all us in Serbia) year band included Vita on bass and after few months of rehearsals, in May 2000. band went to studio Fabrika (Factory) owned by Sabljar from band Dza ili Bu to record it's first album named "Punk, Sex & Alcohol" which was released not until August 2001. for a Felix Music Shop. By the way, originate album name was Snage Haosa i Bezumlja (The forces of chaos & disorder) which ment to be a parody to an identical phrase used by former communists regime to describe all men in Serbia that was against dictatorship, which has fallen in October the same year. Concerning fact that album was released almost one year after political changes in Serbia, it's name lost it's original sense so we decided to change it. B.O.L. should play in Shabac (city in Serbia) on a anti regime meeting one month before October's happenings but was cancelled 'cause of very tense situation then. It has just left to say that our first album consisted mostly of a songs from our two demos. Almost complete B.O.L.'s music then has political inspiration and we still remember that recording of that album passed in a shadow of a dramatic happenings for our society, then.

In March 2001. band organises gig in Dom Omladine and after that band is reinforced with Ratko Zen on a bass and Lesa (vocal in a well known hard core band in Serbia called SMF) as a drummer.

In September 2001. B.O.L. plays two gigs (28th & 29th September) with legends of punk, Red Alert from Sunderland in a Dom Omladine club. That was definitely the most important gig for the band 'cause Red Alert were and still are the major model for our music.

Band played two gigs in 2002. and one in 2003. in Pogon with One Way System.


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