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Belgrade Orchestra of Lunatics
SKC 2009

Welcome to the web site of streetpunk band named B.O.L. Meanwhile we've published one album (In your face), and now we're announcing another one, our 4th album with a working name "... everyone's broke" which will be published by Total Underground 101% label in the first half of february 2010. More details about this topic here or on our MySpace.

For two year's we've been planing reorganizing this website but... :(

Meanwhile, we played several gigs with some crew members switched, so we would like to thank to Vajagić, Miloš and to Dragan Ličina on their help. Find out more in news... Click for more details

As I slowed down a little bit on updating our site, Mare decided to create our page on MySpace, so check it out HERE.

P  I  M  P

The band members are:
Philharmonic fog orchestra
Marko (Guitar)          Vuk (Drums)          Senfa (Vocal)          Raša (Bass)
The shadow band members are:
Shadow band


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