Thanks to kindness of web site ( crew, we're now able to present you here more our songs then ever yet. We hope that soon we'll add some video clips here which will automaticly change this section's name. All songs available for download are in mp3 format, 128 Kbps/44 KHz - stereo. Once again, a big thanks to Ispred Dragstora crew, specially to Badman!

Punk, Sex & Alcohol (+ Live Bonus)

You're able to download all songs from our first album (Punk, Sex & Alcohol, including the Live bonus) here, in full length, mp3 format:

# Song name Download preview Download complete
01. Favorit (Favourite)   3:22 min.
02. Never Made It (P.T.T.B. cover)
  3:14 min.
03. Porodica Svinjic (Swine Family)
  2:06 min.
04. Seljacina (Pikey)
  3:22 min.
05. Ona (She)   2:48 min.
06. Punk, Sex & Alcohol   2:48 min.
07. Funky G   2:42 min.
08. Ovo Nije Beograd (This ain't Belgrade)   1:53 min.
09. Jutro Nove Nade (New Dawn's Hope)   3:51 min.
10. Crvena Ruza (Red Rose)   3:28 min.
11. It's Me Boys (Red Alert cover)   3:36 min.
12. Tomina Himna (Toma's Anthem)   3:11 min.
Bonus - LIVE
13. Zbog Droge (For Drugs)   3:39 min.
14. One Flag (Red Alert cover)   5:01 min.
15. Kad Će Kraj? (Is the end near?)   2:44 min.
16. Odvratna Riba (Ugly Bitch)   2:48 min.
17. Drugarcine (Mates)   2:57 min.
18. Jutro Nove Nade (New Dawn's Hope)   3:56 min.
19. Beat the Bustards (Exploited cover)   2:35 min.


Nece da boli... kurac nece! (It won't hurt... bollocks won't!)

You're able to downlaod two full length songs from our second album Nece da boli... kurac nece! (It won't hurt... bollocks won't!) in mp3 formatu, and also preview versions of all the other songs from that album:

# Song name Download preview Download complete
01. Nemam srece (Bad Luck) (intro) 45 sec.  
02. Beogradski Romeo (Belgrade's Romeo)   4:02 min.
03. Julija (Juliet) 45 sec.  
04. Đavolov sin   5:17 min.
05. Zbog Droge (album verzija)
45 sec.  
06. Money Whore (Red Alert cover) 45 sec.  
07. U Dupe 45 sec.  
08. Drugarcine 45 sec.  
09. Picko mala 45 sec.  
10. Molicu lepo 45 sec.  
11. Zbog Droge (original) 45 sec.  

U facu! (In your face!)

You're able to download preview versions of three songs from our last - not finished yet - album U facu! (In your face!) in mp3 format:

# Song name Download preview Download complete
01. Seljacina (Pikey) (Remake) 45 sec.  
02. Skrndelj (Slag) 45 sec.  
03. Zeljko Pederko (Little Poof) 45 sec.  


If you don't use any of download managers, we recommend you to download files by activating popup menu with right click (when mouse pointer is over desired song name) and choosing the option "Save Target As...", and when new dialog appears by choosing location of a local disc (your floppy or hard disc) and clicking the option "Save".,


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